What's energy management?

Looking for ways to effectively manage and monitor energy consumption? For many companies, energy management is a crucial component for successful and sustainable business operations. We've prepared an article that explores how software enables you to track and optimize energy usage in your company.

What is online energy management

It's a system for strategic management and development of energy resources. This tool combines the expertise of energy professionals with top-tier IT specialists. For a clearer picture, think of energy management as akin to a smart home. At its core are intelligent sensors placed on meters for water, electricity, gas, or other utilities. These sensors collect consumption data at regular intervals and send it to an app.

In the app, you can comfortably monitor and compare data—everything from graphs, simple dashboards, to comprehensive reports is at your disposal, providing everything you need for effective monitoring, planning energy savings, creating long-term strategies, and advanced management of corporate expenses. At a glance, for example, you can see the costs of running production machinery, cooling boxes, or corporate HVAC systems. An online overview can also help you quickly detect water leaks, for instance.

Monitoring consumption is just the beginning

Thinking this is nothing new? You might be right. From our experience, some people have spent years manually checking company meters and entering values into Excel spreadsheets. Others may not care about energy consumption at all. The key here is automation.

With quality systems, you continuously collect data in real-time, confidently knowing there are no errors in your records. Most importantly, you can work efficiently with this data.

The results can especially include:

Complete digitalization of corporate energy: find all data about suppliers, consumption, invoices, consumption points, and penalties in one system. Some solutions on the market even offer tools like machine reading of invoices, saving you further time and worry.

Bases for planning consumption reduction: the system analyzes data and you discover the strengths and weaknesses in the energy management of your operations. Based on comparisons, you will know how much you save by reducing indoor temperature by two degrees or how to optimize lighting. This helps you create an effective strategy for modernizing energy management. The simplicity and user-friendliness of the system are crucial so you can navigate and interpret data easily.

Creating reports: from analyses, you can generate reports needed for corporate goals, green bonds, subsidies, ESG agendas, or project financing with just a few clicks. This could even include reporting costs and emissions by consumption points or suppliers. Efficient management of energy and sustainability in one tool.

Overview of carbon footprint: smart energy management systems also focus on not only monitoring emissions but also minimizing them through machine learning. This is particularly important considering mandatory ESG reporting and ensuing regulations likely affecting you as well due to supply chain interconnections.

Choosing smart energy management

Energy may not be your primary field or specialization. Modern energy management systems should therefore meet these basic criteria:

Be as simple and user-friendly as possible.Work with a wide range of energy data—from consumption to expenses, interpreting invoices, and handling other documents. Naturally, carbon footprint measurement is also in play.Translate complex data into easily understandable visualizations.Send notifications when energy consumption exceeds set limits.Offer recommendations for measures based on energy data comparison.

Also consider how the entire system will be implemented. Metering (or fitting) should be done quickly using the latest IoT sensors that you won't have to worry about.

For companies and municipalities

The energy management process is an integral part of successful and sustainable business operations, saving millions annually even for cities and public institutions. As you can see, implementing the most suitable energy management system is an essential step. Don't underestimate the selection of this system.

For this purpose, we created our own software, Enmon, with universality and simplicity in mind. Designed by energy experts, it confirms what we've long told our clients—energy savings and strategies are best planned where energy is easily understandable and manageable. Enmon combines everything into one.

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