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Are you in the energy consulting business and looking to offer your clients cutting-edge energy management solutions? Enmon will pave the way for your customers to achieve sustainable operations and increased profitability.

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Take control of your energies & emissions

Enmon is the energy & sustainability management platform, that combines software, hardware & energy know-how. Delivering real-time data, measures and reduces energy consumption, costs and lowers the CO2 emissions.

Let us support you delivering the sharpest insights in energetics

This app is not just the brainchild of a few techies. It’s backed by seasoned energy experts who know how to cut costs and emissions. Our solutions have proven successful across Europe, efficiently managing energy across millions of square meters.

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Enmon as your service

Energy consultant

Elevate your consultancy with Enmon’s expertise. Our seasoned energy specialists will help you identify and implement cost-effective, eco-friendly solutions that align with your clients' goals. Join the ranks of consultants who trust Enmon to deliver unparalleled insights and results in energy management.

Enmon as your next product

Software implementator

Transform your offerings with Enmon's advanced software solutions. Our platform is designed to integrate seamlessly, enabling you to provide clients with robust energy management tools. Enhance your product lineup with Enmon’s innovative technology and watch your clients achieve new levels of efficiency and savings.

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Join our partners

Enmon App | Enmon is our Slovak partner for Enmon provides comprehensive energy solutions for both the public and private sectors.

PKV partner of | Enmon

PKV is our strategic partner in the Czech Republic. Through Enmon, they are discovering new opportunities for their cleints energy savings.