Energetic routines handled well with Enmon

By implementing Enmon's sophisticated energy management system, Geis has established a proactive approach to energy audits and data collection.

Tereza Kirlíková, Property Manager at Geis, shares her insights on the benefits of energy audits: "Controlling our building operations has never been more streamlined."

Managing a large company like Geis is no small feat, especially when it comes to adhering to extensive legislative requirements. Does your company need an energy audit, or is your current one expiring in 2024? Geis recognized the significance of these questions early on and implemented Enmon's sophisticated energy management system—one of the first in the industry to do so. This system has become a crucial tool for energy procurement and forms the basis of their non-financial reporting.

"When I joined the company four years ago, the general awareness around this issue wasn’t as strong as it is today. We already knew that having an energy audit was crucial. We don’t just follow legal measures; we lead the way in this area," explains Tereza Kirlíková, who also oversees property and building management at Geis.

The process involved understanding the full scope of the audit requirement, presenting a plan to management, and choosing an audit provider. Initially surprised by the lack of capable service providers, Geis approached this task with diligence, optimizing the audit creation and data collection process to fulfill legislative duties and beyond.

The energy audit revealed critical information about their building operations and provided a comprehensive analysis of all premises, from basements to rooftops, evaluating every meter along the way. It highlighted areas for improvement and potential savings, leading to significant measures like the installation of motion sensors, LED lighting, and photovoltaic systems, with the latter two being implemented as ongoing projects. The Enmon system, operational for about two years, supports invoice tracking and energy consumption, allowing location managers access to essential data, enhancing their control over operations.

This system not only aids in energy tendering processes but also allows for easy comparison of energy costs across different locations. Notifications alert the team to incidents like water leaks during weekends, helping them respond promptly. The visibility into consumption changes from energy-saving measures and the detailed data available aid significantly in energy procurement strategies.

"Some of our clients now require carbon footprint information for their shipments, showcasing it to their customers. Our energy audit and management system are vital for demonstrating our commitment to sustainability," Kirlíková adds, highlighting the increasing importance of non-financial reporting and customer demands.

As Geis prepares to expand its proven energy management system to Slovakia and Poland this year, Kirlíková concludes, "The system’s success in the Czech Republic has inspired us to take control of operations across the CEE region."

Three facts about

Logistics pioneer

Geis was among the first in its sector to deploy a sophisticated energy management system.

Energy smart

The company’s commitment to energy efficiency extends beyond compliance, setting industry precedents.

Energy management for profit

Geis actively utilizes the data from the energy management system for energy procurement and non-financial reporting purposes.

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